Monday, June 30, 2008

Light on the batter

Few fish this weekend, storms every afternoon. I bought a minnow trap in hopes of cutting down in drive time to acquire the lively bite. I used bread dough for bait but after a 30 hour soak, no minnows. Guess this just wasn’t very productive fishing weekend even though it was relaxing and enjoyable.
I'm back at work printing political yard signs again. There is sure a lot of excitement this election season on the local front. We have been printing signs for offices that normally don’t purchase this form of very effective advertising. It becomes difficult to create different looks when all the copy is the same only the name changes. But that is the challenge and it opens us up to new ideas.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fishing weekend

It’s Friday and I’m ready to enjoy a fishing weekend if the rain /storms hold off. I finally got my boat out of the marina and into the water. Seems the starter was rusty due to an event last summer when I put the boat into the water after a short visit to the mechanic and didn’t check the sea plug. We didn’t sink, but did take on quite a bit of water. $350 and five weeks later I’m back out fishing on the lake. Let’s see about $45 per pound of fish. But if you figure the money I saved by not gassing up at the marina, I’m ahead of the game. Fishing has been slow so far this year. I can’t say why. It must be that climate change thing everyone seems to be talking about. At least that is a good scapegoat for my less than adequate fishing skills. I’ll let you know just how many fish, large or small get boated this weekend. By “large” for me I'm takling 2”-3”.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My attempt at Blogging

Since this is to be the new communication conduit I felt it nessary to dive on in.


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What I do

The morning I was born my mother was screen printing 7 foot bus benches, so you could say I have been in the business all of my life. I began to help my father Arlie Edwards hand letter at the tender age of 5 by filling in his lettering. As time passed I began to graduate to higher forms of lettering. By the time I was in 9th grade my lettering was on par with the old pros.

Our business has evolved over the last 60 plus years from brushes and paint to the digital age of rips and vinyl. By the way we began printing on pressure sensitive vinyl in the 50's Some of the first police decals ever made were printed by my mother Rosemary. Only the brushes have changed, not the art. A computer is mearly an expensive pencil in which to express a design. In much the same way as a piano is with a song. Some can play it, some think they can.

I love my work, it is my life!