Friday, July 22, 2011

Paint Wraps

A car’s style and identity is judged not only by “what’s under the hood”, but also how it looks and catches your eye. Changing a car or truck’s original paint job can be expensive, risky and time consuming. In addition, altering the original paint can often depreciate the resale value and usually violates the terms of a car lease.

What if you could change the color of your car or vehicle to give it a brand new appearance and also protect the original paint? What if there was a way for you to get a few more years of use from your otherwise perfectly good car while at the same time, preserving and even increasing your car’s resale value?

This is what that the automobile industry and millions of drivers have been waiting for, they just never knew it.

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The morning I was born my mother was screen printing 7 foot bus benches, so you could say I have been in the business all of my life. I began to help my father Arlie Edwards hand letter at the tender age of 5 by filling in his lettering. As time passed I began to graduate to higher forms of lettering. By the time I was in 9th grade my lettering was on par with the old pros.

Our business has evolved over the last 60 plus years from brushes and paint to the digital age of rips and vinyl. By the way we began printing on pressure sensitive vinyl in the 50's Some of the first police decals ever made were printed by my mother Rosemary. Only the brushes have changed, not the art. A computer is mearly an expensive pencil in which to express a design. In much the same way as a piano is with a song. Some can play it, some think they can.

I love my work, it is my life!